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Beta Testing

hello everyone!

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natalie wonder clips my daddy my dirty lover

Daddy I-m home! -Oh it-s so good to be hug you and kiss you. -Mmmmm you smell like my daddy. -Can I sit on your lap? -Pretty please? -Awwww thank you daddy. -It-s just like old times. -I-ve missed you so much, how-s mom? -She left you?! -Why didn-t you tell me daddy? -I would of come sooner and taken care of you. -I hate thinking of you being here all alone. -Ugh, I always knew mom would pull something like this. -I never liked her. -You were always my favorite daddy. -Let me stay here...I-ll move in and take good care of you. -I owe you so much daddy. -You-ve done a lot for me. -Anything you need...and I mean ANYTHING daddy. -I love you and I will do WHATEVER it takes to make you happy. -

published11th, Mar '19
updated 10th, Aug '20
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